50th Anniversary - Welcome Home Vietnam Vets

Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans 50TH Anniversary
Celebration The Firing Pin and Bergen Business & Civic
Association will be hosting a celebration of the Vietnam
War on June 11th. We are Honoring all Vietnam Veterans
and veterans from all the wars to participate in the pa--
rade starting at 12pm at the Bergen Fire Department Hall
(10 Hunter St. Bergen, NY). There will be a ceremony af--
ter the parade and then all veterans are invited to The
Firing Pin (8240 Buffalo Road) where the Vietnam Vete--
rans will receive Lapel pins and certificates. There will
be free refreshments for all veterans. Please RSVP to
palretired@gmail.com if you need to ride on the float or
have any questions.

Letchworth Humphrey Nature Center Field Trips

ing live virtual field trips! Schools can now call in to the Na--
ture Center using the virtual meeting platform of their choice
for an educator to accompany their class as they watch the
Park’s virtual field trip videos, free of charge! Teachers can
call Elijah Kruger at the Humphrey Nature Center at Letch--
worth State Park at (585)493-3683 to schedule a virtual guid--
ed program.